The corona crisis has created a massive demand for toilet paper that can no longer be met by producers. The toilet paper token has displayed a 1000% growth in 24 hours! The Toilet Paper Token (TPT) uses “smut contracts” to trace the total amount of rolls that people have bought, and maintains the account of how many rolls are confirmed.

Toilet paper token bitcoin/

Investors did not expect this massive increase. Due to the accelerated rise, there was a space-time curve, through which the wave briefly traveled into the past to take a good run-up and then shoot up with a brute force!

Toilet paper token bitcoinToilet Paper goes past Bitcoin

This means that the Toilet Paper Token exceeds Ethereum and even Bitcoin! Toilet paper token is now considered as the mother of cryptocurrencies because it has the largest market capitalization. Toilet paper token buyers receive toilet paper every week, depending on how much toilet paper token they stack. The staking algorithm is based on so-called “Dixi” nodes to which you attach your toilet paper tokens.

The best thing about it? You no longer have to hoard packs of toilet paper in your parking, but you get a load of freshly wrapped fragrant toilet paper every week.

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