Just wanted to update the numbers, two weeks ago we were under 400 BTC first time in a long time. This week the volume recovered, so we are still at around 2,000 BTC monthly.

This is only measured using LocalBitcoin, there are other exchanges like AIRTM, Uphold, Binance and so on, but no open data as far as I know. Most of the Localbitcoin trades are in Bolivares.

I recommend reading this website, it is one of the best english websites for Venezuela news (they sometimes touch the crypto and economic situation).


Last week by a serious NGO released a survey (it is called Encovi) they concluded the average income of the Venezuela is 0.72 USD daily. I think that is true, around 20-30 USD per month.


Any question let me know, AMA. But check my links and sources first.





LBTC listings https://localbitcoins.com/buy-bitcoins-online/ves/

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