The Akropolis Protocol released the Delphi prototype on Jul 21, ahead of the mainnet launch in Aug 2020. The Delphi module of the the Akropolis Protocol suite (apart from the AkropolisOS and Sparta products) focuses on the automated passive mixed investing/income part of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The newly released prototype allows yield farming, dollar cost averaging entry/exit into different liquidity pools and one click deposit in stablecoins pools. The full release will further introduce liquidity mining and allow users to combine DeFi yields with capital gains from a single interface, otherwise defined as farming COMP, BAL, MTA etc. while passively investing into BTC or ETH.

Delphi prototype is out 🥳

Check it out here 👀

💸 DCA into different liquidity pools
💰 One-click deposit in a number of stablecoin pools
🌾easy farming

Thoughts? Suggestions? Feedback? Reach out through Discord 👉— Akropolis (@akropolisio) July 21, 2020

About Akropolis Protocol

The Akropolis Protocol itself refers to a easy-to-use suite of borderless, trust minimized, portable and fraud resistant DeFi products, for financial operations and decision making. The principal component is the AkropolisOS, on which the other two undercollateralized loan focused Sparta and automated passive mixed investing/income product focused Delphi are built on.

The Akropolis Protocol will provide DeFi equivalents of core financial services of insurable savings (variable and fixed rate savings deposits) and access to credit on relaxed terms. The platform has integrations with Compound, Fulcrum, Aave, Maker, Curve and dYdX. The native token is AKRO used for governance, platform usage and reward distribution, with a total supply of 4 billion AKRO, out of which 1.3 billion AKRO are currently in circulation.

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