Angelo Galasso Partners With Doc Lee to Create The First Physical and Digital NFT Fashion Collection

Angelo Galasso, an Italian luxury fashion brand, has announced a partnership with Doc Lee from to produce the first physical and digital NFT fashion collectibles. According to Angelo Galasso, the first bunch of 24 NFTs will be available on the OpenSea platform. 

The collaboration between Angelo Galasso and Doc Lee has been described as strategic in various aspects. First, Angelo Galasso is an established fashion line with a reputation for luxury products. Secondly, Doc Lee as well as an established artist on a global scale whereby he has worked with Jaguar, Disney, and Cartier in the past.

“I was very excited to be approached by Angelo Galasso to work on this innovative project. The idea of creating an original piece of art in conjunction with an original item of luxury fashion is a unique and paradigm-shifting concept. The digital art piece links the digital and physical worlds. Elements of the animation are reflected in Angelo’s designs and vice versa. This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in NFTs, art, and fashion,” Doc Lee noted through the press release.

The company anticipates the NFT products to sell fast based on its past performance and outstanding reputation. The firm is morphing through the Covid pandemic to remain competitive and relevant post-Covid as the global economy shifts to technology infrastructure.

“We have always been regarded as pioneers in the fashion industry, and with this launch, we are exploring how new technologies such as blockchain and NFTs can help the fashion industry reduce counterfeiting and give customers an even better brand experience,” Angelo Galasso noted in the press release.

Angelo Galasso has combined physical and digital artwork with the fashion industry, a move that is expected to further reach the global market. According to the firm, the NFT winners can request the physical artwork to be shipped to whichever place on the global map. Moreover, the delivery fee will be catered for by the company. 

However, Angelo Galasso noted that the NFT winners can opt to collect their items at the company’s store, Knightsbridge in London. Notably, users who use this method will be entitled to a refund for the gas fees during the purchase of the NFT. 

Angelo Galasso has also partnered with a generation 2.0 ecosystem EdenBase innovation team to produce the NFT digital artworks.