I had a HitBTC account for about a year without any problems, but suddenly after depositing $700 of BTC my account became locked “to protect my funds” (Ha!), I hadn’t even tried to do anything with them. Support said I needed to complete KYC, but having heard this story before I know that no amount of personal information will be enough for them.

Instead I requested that they return the deposit to the original sending address, as this doesn’t require KYC, but they refused saying I need to prove I sent the funds. I sent them a screenshot of my wallet showing everything they asked for, but still this was not enough. They now say I need to deposit more funds to prove I own the address, but I get the feeling that won’t be enough either.

I assumed that because I had a HitBTC account for a while without any problems that it would continue to be fine, I was wrong. I saw the reports about locking peoples funds and thought “well I’m not doing huge amounts so I’ll be fine”, I was wrong. I expect I will never see my funds again, but let this be a warning to anyone else currently dealing with HitBTC assuming that “it won’t happen to me”

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