Guys we need to stop supporting companies like Bitpay and until they support fully native Bech32 BC1 addresses. This is damn ridiculous at this point. It’s been almost 2 years since SegWit, the code is not complicated, and these companies are supposed to be leaders in the space! Segwit is stuck around the 50% mark because of companies like them not supporting SegWit.

It forces some of us who use good wallets like Blue Wallet and Electrum, to have hybrid SegWit wallets to interact with others using these types of websites/wallets that DON’T support. Since they can’t send to Bc1.

Get with the fucking program, or we will vote with our wallets and our software.

Seriously guys, this is important for ALL OF US. It slows down Lightning Network adoption as well because Lightning requires SegWit!

These sites are influenced heavily by Roger Ver and Jihan Wu.

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