I buy every month, always with the same amount, it’s been 37 months and Ive built a nice stack. Ready for the bull market. Though, I plan to never stop. The stacking will continue into perpetuity – basically I’ve adopted the Bitcoin standard. I live below my means and save the rest. Bitcoin happens to be my saving technology of choice. I’m 100% allocated and you could say its reckless, risky, dumb even. But I don’t feel that way. For me this is the way.

This month I hit a few ATHs. Basically every month is an ATH in sats, the stack keeps growing. This month my fiat net worth also hit an ATH due to the price hike. And also, the purchase I made this month was with the highest price I’ve ever paid for Bitcoin meaning that I’m on profit with every single Bitcoin purchase so far.

I make these ‘progress reports’ every month, enjoy:


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