Bitcoin is reaching a point in its development where I think it is time we focus on ease-of-use features of Bitcoin for the average Jane and Joe.

It’s not like it was back when we had to manually handle addresses and run our own nodes. People don’t want to have to invest time or effort in order to benefit from something.

Most folks don’t even care about how it works or why. They only care about what Bitcoin can do for them.

Bitcoin is safe. Bitcoin is easy. Bitcoin is for everyone.

Just recently I saw a conversation on Facebook where a lot of people were having issues with Square, Etsy, Paypal, etc for banning them because they were selling mature items, or items related to “witchcraft” or w/e.

These are exactly the people we need to target for adoption. People operating legal, but marginalized, operations in need of financial services.

We have to reach for the low-hanging fruit first, and the easiest sell is going to be to people who can’t buy anything else worth having. Go for people who have trouble participating in the legitimate money system and we’ll find our next adoptive group.

Point out that accepting and sending payments is as easy as 3 steps.

  1. Download a wallet app like Coinomi, or w/e you like to recommend.

  2. Set up a wallet by writing down a 12 word seed phrase in a safe location.

  3. Start accepting & sending payments!

Offer to accept Bitcoin as payment for small favors, even if you know they don’t have any. Somebody needs to pay you back for lunch? Gas money? Say you accept cash & Bitcoin. Keep it on people’s minds.

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