does anyone here actually have a plan to sell at some point?

models like s2f which if followed to their conclusion will have bitcoin worth more than all the real estate in the world in not too long a time. There is absolutely no way this will or can happen, the utlity value of real estate is always gonna be worth more than something like bitcoin. so there is no way this model or similar models can be accurate.

ok lets say bitcoin completely replaces the entire banking system and gold (which it wont replace either ever, but for arguments sake lets say it 100% replaces them)….. im gonna round up that value to $20 trillion.

which rounding up again is 1 million USD per bitcoin. is that the kind of number everyone here is waiting for?

i have purchased bitcoin 3 times starting in 2013 and sold out completely 3 times. my last purchase was earlier this year at approx $6 XXX

the most worrything thing to look at if you are long is how many wallets are worth more than 1 million USD vs say 6 months ago. the number is insanely larger, like 3x. at some point, there is going to be intense pressure for these millionaires to cash in. you can live in a brand new house your bitcoin buys and pass that on to your family for generations, you cannot live in your bitcoin.

does the sell pressure happen at 30k? or 250k? i dont know…. im all ears on that one.

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