This week was particularly turbulent in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin’s price crashed to $30K following comments made by Elon Musk, who keeps teasing Dogecoin HODLers. Meanwhile, we also saw old China FUD recycled yet again.

Starting off with bitcoin’s price performance, the week was rather unfortunate for bulls. BTC is down about 25% in the past seven days, currently sitting at $37K. It’s worth noting, though, that the cryptocurrency fell even lower, briefly touching $30K on Wednesday, going through the biggest correction through this bull cycle. It’s not yet clear whether the pain is over, as the market looks quite indecisive, despite the recent recovery.

The altcoins followed suit. Ethereum is down 39%, BNB – 46% and the majority of large-cap cryptocurrencies charted similar declines.

The market started crashing earlier in the week when Elon Musk went on to bash Bitcoin for its inefficient mining process, saying that the primary cryptocurrency is actually rather centralized because of the high concentration of hashrate in China. This sparked a massive debate on crypto Twitter, with many calling him out for the fact that Tesla is heavily subsidized, while SpaceX relies on fossil fuels to power up its rockets. He also teased about Dogecoin going to $1.Elon

The bad news didn’t stop with Musk, though. Around the same time, three self-regulatory bodies in China reiterated old restrictions on cryptocurrencies, causing further dips in the price. Just today, the State Council of the country, once again, reminded about the crackdown on Bitcoin mining and trading.

The entire ordeal caused massive liquidations on Wednesday, as over $8 billion worth of leveraged long and short positions were wiped off in less than 24 hours.

It’s also worth noting that Bitcoin’s dominance increased throughout the week, showing that the primary cryptocurrency managed to recover somewhat better than the rest of the market.

It’s interesting to see how the next seven days will shape up, but if one thing is true, it’s that there are no boring days in crypto.

Market Data

Market Cap: $1585B | 24H Vol: 208B | BTC Dominance: 43.4%

BTC: $36,811(-25.81%) | ETH: $2,449 (-39.4%) | XRP: $1.03 (-26.3%)

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