i never should’ve opened it, but i had an email in my spam with the title “Attention! 123Password”, the ‘123Password’ is an example email, standing for an actual password i use regularly. so, i opened and read the email.
————— “Hello today is 7/6/2020 and I was w4tching you about 25 days. Firstly i hacked your computer and then it is spread your phone.(Symetric segment) 37...*** That was your IP address. With open vulnerable port. (If your ISS gives you dynamic ip address. It might be changed. After hacking progress its doesnt matter. Anyway i deleted my backd00r on your devices after uploading your informations to my server) i have photos from your phone and your contact list. And some informations about you. All these are protected on my VPS server. And you will see what will i do if you dont send me 250$ via B1tcoin. If you want proof i did give you one of your p4ssword.in title .as you can see. It might be OLD all your p4ssw0rds in my database column. I choose random of your pass. It doesnt matter it was just a proof my mail script cant send photos.(Your shamely photos on your phone webcam :D) Anyway You will make payment with btc like i said. 1JWkjhantZRxqx&&G11Mi1cKyx7rweZahB6V DELETE && FROM ADDRES.. This is my address if you dont know how to make payment search on google “Buy btc”. And i deployed to this mail a script (facebook pixel) when you read this mail time is starting. you have 24 hrs to send money. Otherwise ill sell your bank accounts and send some of videos to your contact list (randomly) When you pay that money ill delete your all files about you. (I’ll see you when you paid it. You dont need to contact me) How to buy bitcoin-> localbitcoins.com/guides/how-to-buy-bitcoins” ————- I blurred out the IP address they sent because i’m not sure if it’s correct to me or not. i looked it up and it says my public IP address is completely different, but i’m (21F) not super tech savvy and i’m not sure what this means.

i own a new macbook air i bought 2 months ago and the only scandalous thing i’ve looked up is the WickedWhims website for TheSims4 which i enjoy (lol) and i think one page actually took me to a spam page, but i exited out of it quickly. and yes i have scandalous photos/videos who doesn’t.

if you’ve gotten an email like this please let me know and let me know what you did. the only thing i know to do now is change my password on the websites where that password was used! thank you for your time.

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