hi all

i recently put about half a bitcoin on Bitstars hoping to get lucky and win more crypto. Stupid thing to do i know.

I spent about .5 bitcoins and didnt win, but i got a bonus and ran it up to .5 bitcoin. Perfect, i got my money back i though. I will withdrawl.

Apparently because i won on a bonus bitstarz confinscated my winnings minus .03 bitcoin. Their terms and conditions are apparently that you can only win .03 btc on a bonus.

To me this is shady as fuck. I assume a bonus can be run up as high as you can get it. And when i went into withdrawl it said i had .50 btc available to cash out. I had no idea they would confinscate it. This is like if you got a bonus in a vegas casino and won $5000 and they would only let you withdrawl $300.

Anyways just want to warn anyone who is going to play on their to be careful and read the t@cs with a fine tooth comb

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