Bubblext – What We Know About This Broker

As a trader, you have a lot of expectations associated with your broker. You can’t trade with confidence if you know the broker you have signed up with is not going to help you with everything. There are a few online brokers that have a comprehensive system in which you will feel safe and free as a trader. You will feel as though you have an opportunity of making money without paying too many commissions and dealing with lots of hidden charges. So, among the many great online brokers, you now have Bubblext, which has proven to be one of the best despite its very short time serving this industry. 

Let’s find out if this broker provides you with everything that you need as a trader or there is a lot that you will miss that will make you sign up with a different broker. Read this detailed Bubblext article to find out. 

What’s Security Like with Bubblext?

This is the first question you should be asking your broker no matter which broker you are signing up with. You will find a lot of brokers that say a lot of things about security but do nothing. However, when you sign up with a broker like Bubblext, you will be content that everything about your security is being taken care of. The broker has put in place all the protocols and standards that ensure the safety of your information and money. For your money, you will not have to worry about seeing your money mixed up with the money of the broker. That’s what happens when you sign up with a broker that does not have segregated accounts for its traders.

However, as per their website, the broker Bubblext will provide you with segregated accounts so every penny you deposit in your account goes into those accounts. The broker has an anti-money laundering policy to make sure that its trading platform is being used by legal traders only. It also implements the KYC policy to ensure that every person who is signing up with the broker is a real person and providing his/her own information. Last but not least, you will be glad to know that the broker has proper SSL certificates on the website, which ensure that your information is safe as soon as you provide it on the website. 

Can You Sign up with Ease? 

You can’t really choose a broker when it does not even want to welcome you. Are there any brokers that don’t want to welcome traders? Well, the reality is that there are certain brokers that don’t want basic traders to sign up on their platforms. To achieve their objective, they make entry into their system very difficult for new traders. They usually have very high requirements with even the basic trading accounts. However, you will not have to face such a scenario when you sign up with Bubblext. This broker ensures that you are able to sign up with it even if you don’t have a lot of money. 

If you look at the green account from this broker, which happens to be the most basic account you can sign up with, you will notice that a small deposit of only $500 is enough for you to start trading with this account. 

Will You Be Trained to Trade?

Can you start trading without any training from the broker? No, you cannot and you should not. If you don’t already have any experience of trading in any financial market ever, you want to learn to trade before you step into the trading world. You must not forget that in this world, you have to spend money on trades and then make money in the form of profits. The money you are using is your own money that you have saved over the course of many years. You can’t waste this money by making haphazard and uninformed decisions. However, that’s what is going to happen if you start trading without any prior trading education. 

With Bubblext, you will like the fact that you have proper training material available from the broker to train you on how to trade. This training material can be used in many formats. You can watch videos, read ebooks, or learn directly from experts through live webinars. 

What Will You Be Able to Trade? 

Will you have a lot of assets available for trading when you sign up with Bubblext? You are going to have a lot of assets at your disposal, ready to be traded at any given moment when you sign up with this broker. Are you someone who has always found interest in trading precious metals? You are going to find precious metals and many other commodities for trading with this broker. You can also trade the stocks of the best companies in the world. If you want to trade stocks in the form of buckets, you should go with indices trading. Last but not least, you will love to trade forex currency pairs with this broker. 

What Kind of Trading Platform Will You Be Using?

That’s a very important question that you must ask any broker before you sign up with them. The trading platform you get to trade on matters a lot in your overall trading experience. First of all, you want to avoid any trading platforms that run only on personal computers. You want something that runs on your tablets, laptop, and even your smartphone. And that’s exactly what you are going to get from Bubblext. This broker has made three different trading platforms available to you. First, you will be able to use MetaTrader 4 on your desktop. 

You can also trade on the web trader from the broker, which allows you to trade from anywhere, at any given time, using any device of your choice. Lastly, you have the mobile applications as well that you can download on your smartphone and trade at lightning fast speeds. 

Final Thoughts

You can see that this broker provides you with a lot of features that you don’t get to enjoy with other brokers. It has a great trading platform and some robust security measures in place only to make you feel comfortable while trading. It has an expansive asset index and a modern and practical trading platform that you are going to love during your trading journey. Now, perform research on your own, compare your options, and pick the broker that you think fulfills most of your requirements as a trader.