so i have been trying to learn as much as i can about bitcoin as i am really interested in it … i have not bought much yet … just 40 bucks worth but i am really just trying to pay attention to the prices, learn about all the different exchanges, wallet types and all the different terms and what they mean before i really dive in … I noticed right away that different websites will often vary slightly in the price … actually i don’t think i have ever seen it be the same. Anyways i just got to downloading a non browser based wallet for windows (electrum) and when i was picking the fiat currency and where it would get the current btc price from i was able to see that some of the different prices are way way different … like as much as 50 dollars more and for some reason local bitcoins was 1000 dollars above what it should be, im guessing that has to be some sort of bug because i did compare the prices in the wallet to the actual sites like coinbase and what not and they did match … either way now for my question … is the price the exchange is giving what i get ? like lets use coinbase for example … if i buy a bitcoin there and the current price is 7500 is that what i get ? or is there some sort of central price and it might be off a bit ? from the research i did it looks like what it says is what i get but i just want to know for sure … and if that is the case then whats stoping me from just buying it on one platform and then selling it on another one with a higher price because what i was just looking at was showing some pretty crazy price variations … anyways thankyou in advance from anyone who can send a little learning my way.

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