If you know a DEX dev, they are the most VIP in crypto period. They are crypto, they are the only thing that will save our ass from the governments.

The Kumbaya of compliant institutions with the government for crypto use is a oxymoron. Cryptography is inherently an act of treason against westphalianism.

When the hammer finally falls when the foot finally drops and the price of btc plummets, nothing will matter but DEX.

Most of the DEX in crypto, 95% are fake DEX. They are not a DEX. IDAX isn’t a dex. Cryptobridge exit scammed with KYC.

regulation regulation regulation. If we have to ask for permission to build this economy it will never be a real crypto economy it will be glorified securities with state sanction, it will fail at everything it was designed to do,.

What we need are people willing to learn to code, learn to apply code, apply cryptography, apply bleeding edge computer science to build an impenetrable interchain of uncensorable unsiezable full defi, we need a system that rewards devs above all else.

we need monero to btc cross atomic swaps, we need cross chain liquidity, we need really hyper bleeding edge liquidity engineering that makes centralized exchange obsolete.

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