Don’t get too excited about central banks issuing their own cryptocurrencies. There are some obvious reasons why banks and nations want to have state-backed cryptocurrencies, and it’s not “financial inclusion”.

For one, central bank coins won’t be coins like Bitcoin, nor tokens like on Ethereum. They’ll be contracts. So, for example, you own 1 digital Euro-coin, but it’s really a contract for 1 digi-Euro. Meaning, the issuer of the contract (the central bank) can stipulate that you must pay an arbitrary amount of interest on your contract. The issuer can withdraw this interest from your wallet without you being able to do anything about it. I mean to say that such central bank coins automatically lose a % per year by sending it back to the central issuer.

This, to me, is a terrifying dystopian outlook. Sure, banks won’t be able to do this with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is solid. But coin-contracts, where a coin is a contract, open up a whole new world of state crimes against the people. Your funds can be seized or frozen with great ease.

Such a bank-coin obviously has to run on some kind of platform, and currently, the sort of platforms that may support his type of contract-with-interest-coin schemes are for example Ripple or Ethereum. I suspect Ripple may be the platform of choice for banks and governments.

Secondly, once all people’s savings have been moved to such a digital coin platform, nations and banks can stop issuing paper/physical currency. We shall have the cashless society. And you know what will happen next? You must obey, you must work for your slavery, you must echo the right opinions, or you will be excluded from the financial system.

This has already happened to some far-right extremists like Laura Towler, Martin Sellner etc. They lost all of their bank accounts + funds without notice. See ‘How corporations can delete your existence’

One more reason why Bitcoin-like crypto is so important. I hope the more subversive elements in this community will continue building an alternative financial system, so that we may all transact with one another off-the-grid.

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