Digital collectibles on the blockchain are popular these days. Companies are exploring new opportunities in this regard. Coase, the latest entrant in this space, will bring a digital collectible card game to life on the Tezos blockchain. 

Several hundred blockchain ecosystems exist today. All of them jockey for traction and mainstream adoption. For gaming companies, all of these ecosystems provide new business opportunities to explore.

A new use for Tezos Technology

Coase looks to revamp the concept of collectible card games. By lowering barriers to entry, improving overall engagement, making the game more interactive, and a mobile-first approach, there are opportunities abound. 

If the company can leverage all of these aspects successfully, it may become a new staple in the world of digital collectible card games.

Coase has opted to utilize the Tezos blockchain. The name of the game has not been announced,  yet it is expected to launch in early 2020. Under the hood, the game will provide a brand new resource system and a design optimized for mobile play. 

To date, the card game industry suffers from multiple shortcomings. Onboarding new players is very difficult. This is especially true when dealing with games where those who spend more real-life money appear to gain a competitive edge of sorts. 

There is also game complexity to contend with. In this era of video game streaming and watching, card games are often too complicated for new enthusiasts to understand. Coase, while utilizing the Tezos blockchain, aims to address all of these shortcomings accordingly. 

The company’s vision is straightforward. Players should own cards they buy forever. They should also be able to speculate on the value of cards. Last but not least, they should control these digital assets and be able to rent them to others as well. 

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