In recent years, the popularity of blockchain technology is increasingly growing. Many large companies already use it and with its help, the world will be transformed beyond recognition in the coming years. But most people still do not fully understand what it is and, moreover, how it works. The creators of the MetaHash project decided to change it, and launched MetaGather Program which gives 1000 MHC to everyone who joins the program to earn new coins, and we will tell you more about it in this article.

What is MetaHash and how does it work?

MetaHash is a new generation network blockchain, which is supported by a unique infrastructure based on the Proof of Stake protocol. This means that it is possible getting MetaHashCoins (MHC) coins by simply holding them on your balance.

The main feature of the launched MetaGather Program is the ability to start mining coins with zero investment. The fact is that each new user receives 1,000 MHC when registering at the program’s page, which makes it possible to immediately start mining new coins. It is important to understand that these coins are not available for withdrawal or transfer to other users, their only purpose is forging. Forging is very similar to the BTC mining process, but it is much easier for the average user.

So, with a balance of 1,000 MHC, the user can receive rewards of up to 40%, but this percentage can be significantly increased if the system is more closely integrated (for example, purchasing of MHC coins).

As mentioned above, the MetaHash blockchain uses the PoS consensus protocol, which allows it to solve the main problem of this technology, namely, low network bandwidth. Blockchain MetaHash scales well and it can process more than 50 thousand transactions per second. TraceChain is the core of the MetaHash protocol, which complements the MetaApps ecosystem and the MetaGate application catalog.

How does the MetaGather referral system work?

MetaHash specialists have created a two-level profitable referral system, so let’s see an example to understand how it works:

  1. Mal invited Jex;
  2. Jex invited Frank;
  3. Frank shares a post on Facebook;
  4. Frank’s wallet wins 77k MHC;
  5. Jex gets 7.7K;
  6. Mal gets 7.7K;
  7. Frank gets 15.4K.


The MetaHash project helps people get closer to blockchain technology innovation. By registering in the system, new users get to rent 1000 coins and can make an income from it. The project is actively developing, at the moment 20 thousand active users are registered in MetaHash and 200 servers have been established by community. It appears, that this approach helps to introduce blockchain technology into the masses.

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