CoinCasso Airdrop is worth 10 CCX tokens (~$ 57.2).

About CoinCasso

CoinCasso is a multifunctional, multi-layered design and hybrid exchange that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. As the first on the market, they give financial benefits to active users. CoinCasso gives users democratic opportunities to add their coins and personal tokens. It helps with promoting both personal and corporate tokens. The goal is to create, above all, a hybrid exchange, a still centralized exchange, which is the central unit that manages and develops the entire project, but one that gives users the ability to decide which tokens and which coins will appear on the exchange and what services will be offered. Their mission is to create large crypto-society around the world, by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology. CoinCasso is rated 3.4/5 on ICObench.