CoinZoom Launches CoinZoom Earn Wallet Offering Up to 7.5% APY

CoinZoom, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and fintech company has announced its launch of CoinZoom Earn. This is an investment tool that rewards users with up to 7.5% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) interest on 40+ cryptocurrency and USD holdings. Crypto holdings include Bitcoin, Ethereum.

CoinZoom offers users comprehensive services including buying, selling, trading, spending, sending, and the latest offering of earning interest on crypto. CoinZoom CEO Todd Crosland spoke on this saying:

“We are striving to be more than just a crypto exchange for our customers. We provide a platform that allows customers to invest, spend, and now earn interest on all of their digital assets as well as USD, making it seamless to utilize CoinZoom for all of their banking needs.”

To hold crypto in the Earn wallet, clients need to transfer their current crypto to the wallet or purchase new crypto from CoinZoom then transfer it to their Earn wallet. Moreover, any interest accrued can be reinvested into the wallet, or spent via the CoinZoom Visa debit card. The latter option allows users to earn 1-5% back in crypto on every purchase made.

Furthermore, CoinZoom VIP customers have the privilege of earning up to 20% bonus interest in ZOOM, another benefit on top of the initial APY interest offering.

Of note, all CoinZoom clients will be able to access the CoinZoom Earn wallet within July. Additionally, the platform has a zero-fee policy on transferring cryptocurrencies to the wallet. Interests are accumulated daily, compounded monthly, and thereafter paid out on the 7th day of every month.

Crosland went on to say:

“Through our platform, users can do so much more than just invest in crypto. We’ve created an opportunity to spend crypto at 53 million merchants worldwide, send crypto overseas to friends and family for free, and now earn interest on their crypto holdings. With CoinZoom, users are getting the full crypto experience on a secure and compliant exchange.”

Operating in 190+ countries, CoinZoom is the next-gen digital asset exchange with an expert team working to provide top trading standards. Other goals include providing customer-oriented tools and the best technology to enable successful trading.

CoinZoom Visa card, the platform’s premier product, enables conversion of crypto into fiat and also spending it in over 50 million merchants worldwide. Another creation is ZoomMe, a zero-commission instant remittance and payment transfer platform operating globally.

With fintech security specialists holding decades of experience, CoinZoom is well equipped in protecting customer funds and digital currencies.

CoinZoom is registered in the U.S. as a Money Services Business operating in all 50 states. It is also the U.S. registered as a Money Transmitter for trading in 48 states. Furthermore, the exchange has two subsidiaries: CoinZoom Australia PTY LTD in Australia and AUSTRAC as a Digital Currency Exchange. The other subsidiary is in Ireland, registered as CoinZoom Europe Limited.