Croatian Post Starts Crypto Exchange Service at 55 Post Offices Nationwide

Croatian Post, the biggest provider of postal services in the Republic of Croatia, is now offering a cryptocurrency exchange service at 55 post offices throughout the country. Currently, five cryptocurrencies are supported. This follows a successful implementation and positive results of a pilot program at a few branches. The Post found interest in this service and plans to offer additional crypto services in the future.

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55 Croatian Post Branches Can Exchange Crypto

Croatian Post announced on Wednesday that its customers can now exchange five cryptocurrencies for Croatian kuna at 55 post offices throughout the country. Croatian Post is the biggest provider of postal services in Croatia. In addition to offering postal, financial, retail, and insurance services, the Post declared:

Starting December 11, all Croatian and foreign service users will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies to HRK in just a few simple steps.

The announcement explains that once a customer submits a crypto exchange request, “a QR code will be scanned and you will receive cash at a post office.” Currently, five cryptocurrencies are supported: bitcoin core, ether, stellar, XRP, and EOS.

The crypto exchange calculator on the Croatian Post website.

Croatian Post’s website lists all of the 55 post offices with the crypto exchange service and provides a calculator for customers to find out how much HRK they will receive from the Post for exchanging their cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency exchange is carried out in cooperation with Electrocoin, a Croatian crypto brokerage and payment processing provider.

Noting that “Digitization is one of our development strategies and a driver of numerous business projects,” the Post further announced:

In the future, we also plan to introduce the option to buy cryptocurrencies at Croatian Post’s post offices, thus making them the central points for cryptocurrency transactions across Croatia.

Map of Croatian Post’s branches with the crypto service shown on the Post’s website.

Successful Pilot Project and Other Countries

Croatian Post currently has 1,016 post offices, 2,135 counters, and more than 10,000 employees, according to its website. The crypto exchange service launch at 55 post offices follows “a successful implementation and positive results of the pilot project for cryptocurrency exchange in post offices in Zadar,” the Post detailed, adding:

The pilot project has shown that there is an interest for this type of service, which is why Croatian Post will introduce the service of cryptocurrency exchange at post offices across the country.

The same five cryptocurrencies were offered in the pilot project, which was implemented in three post offices in Zadar, a city on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. “In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cryptocurrency users, who very often plan to travel to those places where they can convert their digital money to the national currency,” the Post elaborated on Wednesday. “Due to a wide range of possibilities this service offers, the numerous guests visiting Croatia will find our cities even more interesting.”

Post offices in a few other countries have been offering similar services such as in Liechtenstein and Austria. In February, Liechtensteinische Post started selling BTC. Since then, ETH, LTC, and XRP have been added and the service is currently available at post offices in Vaduz and Schaan. In Austria, over 400 Austria post office branches and about 1,350 post partner stores throughout the country sell Bitpanda crypto vouchers which can be redeemed online, Bitpanda’s website details. Croatians can also trade BCH on’s non-custodian, peer-to-peer marketplace.

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Croatia Post.

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