The trends and fashion keep on changing with the passage of time. Currently, the time is of digitalization and virtual technology. It has led to the emergence of virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Earlier, we were able to make online transactions, but now we can also virtual money and use it to make online transactions.

Bitcoin is virtual currency as neither you can see it nor touch it, but it exists. It is based on blockchain technology and allows you to make an international transaction in seconds. Bitcoin holds great value in the market, and it is the major reason that people see it more as an investment instead of normal currency. 

People who get to know about bitcoin for the first time have lots of questions, and one of the most common ones is how we will store bitcoins. The answer to this question is; Bitcoin wallets. There are virtual bitcoin wallets that you can use to store private keys and public addresses that are required to make a bitcoin transaction.

An important thing that you need to ensure is that you choose the best digital wallet for storing bitcoins. The following are some varying types of bitcoin wallets, and you can learn about them to choose the best amongst them. 

Hardware wallets 

There are several types of bitcoin wallets, but hardware wallets are among the most popular and widely used. Hardware wallets are physical devices that are used to store public addresses and private keys offline. These wallets are like a USB drive, and you can insert them in any device to authorize the transactions and send bitcoins from your wallet.

It has a tiny screen on it, which you can use to navigate the wallet and use different functions. Several hardware bitcoin wallets are available in the market, and most of them cost around $75 to $150. It may be a bit costly, but the storage facility it offers is quite remarkable. You can easily store more than 21 bitcoins in a hardware wallet and keep them secure.

Paper-based wallets

The next top quality bitcoin wallet that you can use is a paper wallet. If you are using paper wallets, then you need to be highly responsible and careful. You need to have a bit of technical knowledge to use these wallets for storing bitcoins. A paper wallet is a piece of paper on which all your public addresses and private keys are imprinted. You need to transfer the bitcoin to that address, and that’s it. 

If you are a CryptoGroup who prefers storing the private keys offline, then a paper wallet is a great option. Most digital currencies don’t offer paper wallets, but you can easily find one and store your coins safely for bitcoin. Before using paper wallets, you must gain some knowledge about them and how to use them.

Mobile bitcoin wallets 

Now comes the most popular and modern wallet for your bitcoins; Mobile wallet. As understood from the name itself, mobile wallets are mobile-friendly bitcoin wallets and can access your mobile phones. These wallets are highly convenient to use, and you can use them on all operating systems such as iOS and Android. 

If you choose a mobile bitcoin wallet, you must be careful and pick the best one. You need to focus on numerous factors while selecting a mobile bitcoin wallet, such as ease of use, User Interface, compatibility, etc. So, you must consider all the crucial factors and choose the most suitable one. These wallets are not offline, so you need to stay connected to the Internet to access them.

Desktop wallets 

These wallets are such bitcoin wallets that you can use on your computer. These are in the form of software that you can install on your PC and use them. There are numerous desktop wallets available for bitcoins, and you can use any one of them. But while using desktop wallets, you need to take care of two things; Internet and security. 

You must have a stable internet connection and good Antivirus installed in your device. Desktop wallets are considered to be the third safest way to store bitcoins and make transactions using them.

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