Since our last DASH Price analysis, the dash price has been on a correction run! Now it has started climbing again. Let’s take a closer look at the dash price.

Dash price Analysis- correction target already achieved

DASH Price Dash price -day trading view

The DASH Price was already on the path of recovery. The ” support at $118 at the 0.5 Fib level didn’t hold. “The Fibonacci level of $100, on the other hand, served as impressive support, even when Dash briefly reached $92. Dash also effortlessly broke the $118 resistance in the second attempt, and currently, the Dash price is on its way to its last high, at the $ 140 Golden Ratio, which crosses horizontal resistance to the psychological level of $150.

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Dash price analysis- Key Zones

DASH Price Dash price -day trading view

Dash currently has a clear price target of $140 and is medium bullish in the medium term. Still, in the event of a sudden, unexpected turnaround in Bitcoin, Dash has three correction goals:

  • $110
  • $96
  • ±$80

If Dash exceeds its old high of $ 154.5, these supports will be invalid. If Dash exceeds its previous high of $ 154.5, the price will only find resistance again at $ 170 – $ 200.

At the time of reporting, Dash is reeling at $126.211 between a powerful bullish drive and course. The RSI certainly confirms that the buyers have the accelerator at highest and want nothing less than viewing the price above $131. If a withdrawal happens, more powerful support is expected at $125. If DASH price declines, the 50 SMA at $121 will work as key support. 

The weekly gain is by +8.366 while the 24 hours gain is at +7.06%. The summary of the 1-day indicator shows that the DASH price is oscillating between buying to strong buy zone. However, the RSI oscillator is showing mostly SELL behavior. The Relative Strength Index is at 66.04, signifying neutral action. 

The moving averages are in the strong buying zone. The exponential moving average and simple moving average both are in the strong buying zone. The DASH looks promising and is showing strong growth.

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