So I have been recently getting into domain flipping. (Selling website names) I made one sale on this site called (anyone know it)

The buyer requested we use it as it was an easier for him to get me the large sum for the domain he was buying. The reason I’m making this post is as an alert while I’m not sure this site is a scam I have reason to believe so

  1. At first they need a 0.02 deposit to verify my wallet (shakepay) then 0.05 to get premium status and now its claiming the last step is a 0.1 deposit that will be refunded so they claim. Reason is to prevent money laundering to anyone out the EU. (This one maybe a dumb question but didnt the uk (where the company is based) leave the eu?

  2. Cant find them online (this one on me should’ve researched but I was eager to make my first sale!)

  3. Online only company I can find that they registered in August via google and that the owner lives in Italy

  4. All while this is going on I was switching banks so I thought I’d be easier to transfer to btc then send it all to shakepay so now my funds are trapped and I could save up and do the deposit but idk if they are gonna have another trap for me to pay.

So my question to you all is what do I do and what steps should I take? Do I bite the bullet and save to put the 0.1 in my account. Thanks for taking the time to read I’m still new and learning. Just really need another opinion. Was thinking of contacting uk authorities if it comes down to it.

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