The world is drowning in an ever-increasing heap of garbage. It is posing lots of health and environmental hazards to both humans and animals. The rate at which waste is accumulating is turning our towns and cities into dump sites. Nations all over the world are faced with the herculean task of finding convenient and an appropriate means of disposal of waste. 

Over 2 billion tires are produced annually with less than 30% being recycled.  In a recent study carried out in the united states alone, data showed that by the end of 2015, only 11% of scrap tires produced in the US were going to landfills. 11% might sound small, but that’s still 460 thousand tons of tires going to waste and a large number isn’t accounted for (Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association, USA). The cost of not recycling tires is huge – both to individuals and society at large. 

Governments and corporate bodies are continually seeking for lasting solutions through waste recycling.

Technological developments are opening the gates to the proper management of waste/recycling. By the way, nothing could be termed a waste if properly recycled. Today, Blockchain technology has already disrupted the traditional way we do things. Could waste management also be decentralized? 

Interestingly, decentralized Hyperledger technology is slowly making way into waste recycling. In the automobile industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track and efficiently manage the disposal of used or damaged tyres. More than ¾ are not properly disposed thereby causing harm to humans and the environment.

Phil Rudoni, Chief Tech Officer at Rubicon once said that “A big issue the waste industry faces is the lack of accountability for the end destination of recycled material.” Just as blockchain network could currently track the supply chain of any system, the same approach could also be employed in tracking an efficient waste recycling system into usable harmless products. Thereby creating an economic product and apparently saving the environment – it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Introduction to EMJAC

EMJAC is a blockchain solution company with a focus on employing state-of-the-art blockchain technology to provide transparency and traceability across the logistics flow of recycled tyres supply chain. 

As a global company, EMJAC will be building its technology on top of the Ethereum blockchain, with the aim of recycling waste tyres into green and clean renewable energy using the TRU technology. 

The TRU technology, according to the EMJAC whitepaper, will recover 100% of waste tyres into 4 valuable commodities: 45% refined diesel, 35% refined carbon black, 10%, steel wires and 10% synthetic gas. Most importantly, this green technology will not leave behind any carbon footprint.

The EMJAC project is headed by Meng Kwan,  who is an industry specialist together with few other peers who have considerable experience in the area of Blockchain, Recycling and Business operations. The EMJAC project has undergone proof of concept, testing of the prototype technology since 2016 and now all is set for the launch. 

The EMJAC Marketplace & Traceability Solution

EMJAC marketplace powered by blockchain technology, will allow token holders to trade on the buying and selling of the recycled products like synthetic diesel, refined black and steel wires on a global marketplace. Such a trading opportunity exists due to the high demands of these products especially diesel which is an integral energy requirement in every country.

EMJAC is embarking upon state-of-the-art blockchain technology to provide transparency and traceability across the logistics flow of recycled tyre supply chain. The system is built upon IoT automation to track waste tyre consignments all the way from the yards to TRU as depicted earlier. The entire traceability mechanism is built atop Hyperledger Fabric. A blockchain network comprising of multiple nodes representing the yards. transporters, shippers and EMJAC is formed to seamlessly trace the logistics operation of the tyre consignments till the TRU facility.

The whole traceability system is possible through the EMJAC application. The app is an essential component of EMJAC’s traceability system. The app is used for managing the logistics of tire consignments from the yard to the EMJAC TRU facility.

The EMJAC Token 

EMJAC will be launching its marketplace which will facilitate business and track the supply between peer to peer and business to business engaged in the movement and transactions of waste tyres. The EMJ token is the economy that powers this proposed marketplace. EMJ is an ERC-20 standard token which will fascinate trading, settlement of contracts, and leverage in the EMJAC platform with many more features.

EMJAC Token Sales Details (IEO)

As part of the continued effort to ensure a successful project development and subsequently create more adoption and distribute the EMJ token to the community, EMJAC will be conducting an IEO (Initial Exchange Exchange). Currently, the IEO is planned to be launched on the crypto exchange, exmarket with following key details:

Start Time: 30th September 2019, 13:00 GMT

End Time: 9th October 2019, 09:59 GMT

Soft cap: US$8 million

Hard cap: US$35 million

KYC mandatory: Yes

The sale will be issued in 3 bonus rounds:

ROUND 1: $0.08 (September 30th — October 10th)

ROUND 2: $0.11 (October 10th — October 20th)

ROUND 3: $0.18 (October 21st — October 31st)

Total token supply 500,000,000

Tokens for sale 350,000,000 (70%)

Tokens retains 150,000,000 (30%)

The role blockchain technology will play in the efficient waste management space is tremendous. Being an early player, EMJAC is committed to bringing this prototype of efficient tyre recycling into a full working product. You too can be part of the revolution by participating in the upcoming token sales and joining thousands of EMJAC online supporters globally.

New Exchange Partnership

We are glad to announce that we have P2PB2B exchange on board with us in this beautiful journey towards turning waste into green energy.

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