This Season, we’d like to send you warm wishes from the EXANTE Team and dwell on the positives of 2020.

As an online broker, EXANTE found itself in a privileged position. With 100% online operations – from KYC to account management – we were able to do business as usual and serve our clients 24/7.

In fact, March 2020 – which might have been one of the darkest periods for the global economy – became a record month at EXANTE. It’s been the best month in our corporate history in terms of newly acquired clients.

To help others cope with the COVID pandemic, we launched an EXANTE volunteer programme in the EU and beyond. Our office employees would work part-time for charity and volunteer projects while keeping their full pay at EXANTE.

Despite the pandemic, we managed to open new operational units in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. We now service clients locally in Polish, Czech and Bulgarian among other 10+ European and Asian languages.

As a provider of online financial services, we’ve prioritised your safety and privacy. We believe you should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your personal data so we removed non-essential cookies and trackers from our website.

To make sure you continue to receive live quotes without delay, we’ve enhanced our global IT network to 750 distributed servers. EXANTE now runs its IT infrastructure in 10+ global financial hubs.

In 2020, we unlocked 150,000 new instruments on the EXANTE trading platform. You can now access over 300,000 instruments from a single multi-currency account.

We had plenty of facts and figures to boast in 2020. We got commended as ‘Employer of the Year’ by Financial Adviser, our headcount hit the 400 milestone, our client geography expanded to over 100 countries.

The list goes on, yet the year 2020 is now part of the past, and we’re looking into the future. A future where cash flows and data flows are essentially the same. To that end, we’ll continue to provide you with advanced technology to store, transfer and invest funds at your discretion.

We wish you a cheerful Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year! Thank you for being with us in 2020, and we are here for you in 2021 and for many years to come.