Adhering to the privacy and confidentiality principles from step 0, EXANTE has removed unnecessary cookies from its website. We believe that privacy is the inherent right of our clients – and visitors – so we’ve filtered our marketing tools to the bare essentials and provided our website users with an informed choice.

Websites use third-party cookies to collect and process visitor data. Ad companies may use these data to further target website visitors. Basically, third party cookies leave the visitors vulnerable to all sorts of unwanted contacts by multiple counterparties. 

With our visitors’ privacy in mind, EXANTE has reduced its cookies to the minimum required for sound website operation. Thus, the EXANTE website users will be able to browse the website without revealing their identity and being tracked. Cookies will emerge when the visitor takes deliberate action such as signup or registration on the platform.

Our analytics provider Matomo ensures IP anonymisation by default. Each new IP address registers with the last components removed for the sake of privacy protection.

Anton Iospa, Head of Marketing at EXANTE says: “Each and every client has a right to be discreet and to use financial service without anyone else knowing they’re using it. Before the Internet emerged, you could use a bank or broker without anyone else knowing – it was your right and only you owned that information. In the last 20 years, however, people have lost this freedom and aren’t able to protect their right to use services privately. For many online businesses, data is the new black. Nevertheless, we are striving to help our clients to keep their data with them. At least when they are using our services.”