EXANTE has today launched a COVID-19 volunteer programme within its global workforce, allowing employees to volunteer up to two days a week for a coronavirus relief scheme whilst continuing to receive their full salary. 

Instead of choosing to furlough staff as many other employers have done, or make redundancies, EXANTE has chosen to instead further its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives by creating its COVID-19 volunteer programme. 
Whilst the fintech industry has been impacted by COVID-19, it has been to a much lesser degree than many other industries. As an industry leader, EXANTE has seen an increasing demand for its services and experienced growth in its customer base, despite the transition to remote working. However, due to COVID-19 affecting various functions, some of its employees have understandably seen their workload drop by more than 75 per cent.
The COVID-19 volunteer programme is designed to channel the time of EXANTE’s highly-skilled, tech-savvy and multilingual admin and support teams for the benefit of their local communities by allowing them to engage with and work for their chosen online-based COVID-19 voluntary projects.
Daiga Trumpe, Chief Human Resource Officer at EXANTE, says: “Due to health risk posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as official guidance from governments around the world, we made the decision to transition to remote operations starting mid-March. As a company, we have taken full responsibility for keeping our 400+ team members safe and employed. However, this means that many admin-related roles have seen their workload decrease drastically as the majority of their work cannot be done remotely. We don’t want to make redundancies or reduce wages during this difficult period, so we’ve come up with a win-win initiative. Our talented employees can now utilise their skills and volunteer for projects which are in great need of contributors, while enhancing their skills and keeping their jobs.”
“As a responsible employer with a strong CSR objective, we are keen to give back to the communities at this volatile time,” she added.
EXANTE will roll out its COVID-19 volunteer programme in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malta and Cyprus.