I like to think I’m a pretty patient and understanding person. But shit like this really brings out the asshole in me.

Let’s talk Cash Advances:

I kept my BitPay card solely as a backup, in case my primary (Chase) bank account got fucked somehow.

Because of this, I only have 1 of my passive income sources set to direct deposit my cash into my BitPay account every month, and primarily use the card to do Cash Advances (to avoid fees) which simply transfers the money to my primary account.

Well, they took that away.

My card was declined today, again. And silly me thought they were going through another “System Audit”, or whatever they hell they were doing for nearly all of last year, which disabled Cash-Advances & forced me to use an ATM to withdraw my money.

Now, they grew some balls. The rep, after spending nearly an hour on hold per usual, outright told me that Cash-Advances were permanently disabled and that I had no choice but to pay their fees to withdraw my own cash.

I’m done, BitPay.

  • Your on-hold times are ridiculous.
  • Your on-hold music is so annoying, a retard could figure out that it’s designed to make callers go away.
  • Your fees are extortionate.
  • Your tech is so deprecated, the card doesn’t even have a fucking chip.
  • And your card is literally banned from certain retailers. One of which, being Dollar General, the only store within 20 miles of my house. A MASSIVE inconvenience.

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