The GDA Group, a North American institution that focuses on the adoption of digital assets, now offers collateralized lending and borrowing services for institutional investors through its lending division – GDA Lending.  

GDA Lending gives investors access to lending of a number of digital assets, which will is backed by a tier-1 security lender for loan and borrowing terms of up to $100,000,000, per the company. 

“Institutional investors are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable about digital assets and the unique investment properties they add to a modern portfolio. And now we are looking forward to adding GDA Lending into the GDA Group’s existing portfolio of financial products to deliver safe and seamless digital asset exposure,” comments advisor to the GDA Group James Godfrey. 

The GDA Group says it created one of the industry’s “most vertically integrated portfolios of structured digital asset products.” Earlier last month, the company announced the launch of the Global Fund Management in addition to already operating GDA Capital and Secure Digital Markets.  

“Our existing demand upon the launch of these new products is already significant. Such milestones put us in an opportune position as we move into 2021 fueled by the significant momentum in Q4 that saw some major institutional players come and enter the space,” said GDA Group’s Chief Operating Officer Zachary Friedman. 

GDA says that it delivers all interest payments in USD, EURO, or CAD, utilizes institutional grade custodians with both hot and cold storage for digital asset custody and has the liquidity to execute on over $25 million transactions daily. 

Because of the “tier-1 security lender” backing, GDA says it has the capital infrastructure to also provide financing plans to miners and allow them to use their equipment as collateralized assets. “With sovereign states entering the mining sector and digital asset demand at an all time high, getting capital into the hands of mining groups quickly and securely allows for rapid growth of operations without the need for prior capital deployment and accrued asset yields,” the company says. 

GDA also estimates that the digital asset lending sector will expand to about $73.7 billion in loan origination by 2022.   

The GDA Group consists of several global firms “focused in diverse areas of the blockchain and digital asset industries including capital markets, digital asset offerings, and capital formation, asset management, trading & liquidity, consulting, development, and other related services,” the announcement says.

Additionally, the group says it consulted Fortune 500 companies and governments, and worked on dozens of digital asset launches, “representing over 500 million dollars worth of capital raised, which now total over a billion dollars of market capitalization.” The GDA Group says it has processed over $2.5B of digital asset transactions.


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