Global Payments High Risk Merchant Account

Global Payments is a beast of a company. They are one of the largest Credit Card Processors in the world. As great as global payments is as a company is that they are not designed or built for obtaining a high risk merchant account. Merchants typically wonder why their business type is considered high risk and what they can do about that.

Because global payments is considered a type of low risk traditional merchant processor, they are not able to approve accounts that are typically deemed high risk. Some of these high risk business types are as follows;

Collection Agencies
Online Pharmacy
Payday Loans

Online Gambling
IT Services

Document Preparation
Digital Goods

What Can My Business Do If It Is Deemed High Risk by Global Payments?

High Risk Solutions specializes in all legal high-risk type industries. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our pricing page to get a base rate of what fees will be associated with your industry type. High Risk Merchants typically pay more in fees; however each applicant is treated separately and not as a group.

Does a High-Risk Merchant Account Offer the Same or Similar Features of a Traditional Global Payments Merchant Account?

100% Yes. High risk solutions high risk payment gateway is equipped with all the latest technological features. If you would like to see these features, then we invite you to visit our homepage. You will see a slew of features we are able to offer your business.

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