David Lee is a popular Youtuber who got famous for his die-hard bull case on TSLA. David Lee is no slouch, his research into companies and their valuations is impressive. He also has a great following because of the way he communicates and the quality of his videos.

David is not a BTC true believer, but he does see the value in BTC. Its interesting to get into the mind of an “equities investor” who tries to draw parallels between BTC and stocks.

His interview is with Yassine Elmandjra from ARK Invest is quite eye opening. Its probably not so interesting for BTC true believers, but I think its a great listen. There are many times where Dave brings up skepticism of BTC and then ends up talking himself into the positives of the Bitcoin ideology.

Its a very rooted and down to earth approach to understanding BTC in the greater macro-economic landscape. I would recommend it to anyone who is getting into BTC.

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