Hi I have still been just able to use bittylicious as still haven’t got updated photo ID, to be able to buy elsewhere. Even places that people had suggested before, have wanted id for first transaction at least. Been paying slightly more, not having id. But nothing to major. A few weeks ago the fees charged soared then went back down. I heard that crypto vouchers might be a better alternative, but looked into it & have seen mixed reviews. Crypto. io was one recommended. And when contacted them, they told me that to cover fees I should buy €2 – 3 euro extra, plus up to 4%. Which sounds a lot, but working it out its not bad considering the other options. That once bought voucher, a code will be emailed & I redeem that code & have the btc sent to my wallet, minus the fees. But reviews are so mixed. I’m wondering if 1, any crypto voucher is a good option & 2, if yes if they are the right choice or elsewhere would be better. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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