Hi Reddit I am an artist / sculptor and my work is highly inspired by Bitcoin and the blockchain. I take a rough block of stone and make a chain out of it. I recently won a competition to make a Giant sculpture for a roundabout for the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Help me spread the word!

My work consist of taking a block of stones, usually marble or Granite and sculpt a chain out of it and separating the individual links so that they are flexible. I explain this work a study on the concept of the Bond. whether it be emotional, physical or technological. I initially got this idea a few years ago when I was introduced to Bitcoin.

The idea of the blockchain always stayed with me and I wanted to portray this concept in a physical form. Hence the Block that becomes a chain. The fact that the individual links are sculpted and not added is my way of showing the immutability property, you cannot remove the links once they are sculpted.

I recently won this competition to make a public sculpture to be placed in the most important neighborhood in Geneva.

The sculpture will be a Gigantic Stainless steel chain and I will put forward the ideas of the bonds and blockchain.

This is kind of a big deal for me and for the community in a sense and I wanted to share with the world. The piece will be placed in January I believe.

You can follow my instagram @cedric_koukjian

Mods can contact me for verification if needed

I don’t have any financial support apart from my savings, any little donations to help with my work is largely appreciated 🙂




The initial concept

CAD drawing


Positioning of the chain


Hand hammering


Black marble

White marble

Black marble 11 links

Black marble 7 links (my favourite)


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