Success for us as working people is one of the most rewarding and best things that happens in a worker’s life. But recent generations are redefining what it means to be successful, what identifies people, and even what it means to be an adult. Gen Z is starting to define themselves by their achievements in school and their work, as compared to most adults who say it is their family and upbringing that defines who they are. Today’s young adults also don’t think that growing up is just about how old their have become, or getting married, having children, or owning a home as thought traditionally, young adults now are saying that adulthood is marked by financial independence, full time employment, and some are simply saying moving out of their parent’s home. Success is also another thing that is being redefined and said by Gen Zers that by age 30, they want to finish all of their education, start a career, gain financial independence, and to follow their dreams, but 58% of young adults can’t afford the lifestyle they are used to without parental support.


41% of young Americans would choose a trade school over college because learning a specific trade leads to better career opportunities and higher earning potential. Compared to a Bachelor’s degree, trade school can be better in many ways. The average annual salary for trade school graduates is $65,000 a year, trade school graduates experience a lower unemployment rate than college graduates, trade school graduates are getting jobs after school quickly as Baby Boomers are retiring and leaving job openings that need filling, and trade school grads have only a ⅓ of the debt that college grads have.


Find out how today’s young adults are becoming tomorrow’s successful and how they are changing how we think about the path to success through vocational training here.

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