Dash Cryptocurrency

The Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency is a highly developed and widely adopted crypto-asset. Its prominent features are instantly settled transactions, near zero fees, secure processing and a focus on privacy. Dash defined objective is to become the digital cash, for which reason, it has a plethora of wallets available across all platforms. However, we are going to focus here, on the official wallets for Android and PC. Lets see, how we can use the Dash cryptocurrency.

Where to Buy Dash Cryptocurrency?

Dash cryptocurrency can be bought from all major exchanges, instant conversion services, brokers and FIAT-on-Ramp gateways. You can simply exchange other crypto-assets for Dash or buy it with FIAT money using credit cards or wire transfer etc. It can also be acquired from Dash ATMs around the globe.

Where to Use Dash Cryptocurrency?

Over the years, Dash cryptocurrency has seen wide adoption and recognition. It is accepted by thousands of retailers and services, throughout the world. It can be used to pay for grocery, hotels, air tickets, bills, gifts, online shopping, subscriptions and business services amongst other things. An exhaustive list can be found here.

How to Use Dash Cryptocurrency?

The official Dash wallets on mobile platforms and PC are feature rich and exactly the same, function wise. They can be downloaded from here. Once you download and run the client, it will ask you to setup PIN or fingerprint for security. The main console displays the available balance and its estimated worth in the FIAT currency. There are send and receive options. You can transfer from your exchange account or other wallets. Also, you can request it from family and friends or from clients as payment. You can also assign a particular name or identification to an address. The block explorer is included. InstantSend which settles the transactions instantly is enabled by default on the native client. You can sweep any Dash paper wallets, to transfer the balance to the account on software.