Folks, at the old age I am I feel like I have lost my grip with technology.

In my teens and early twenties I knew all about gadgets the latest craze etc….

Every time I read about bitcoin even when it was being talked about on the good old forums I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

As I’m getting older I have begun to think more about retirement, god willing I see that old age. In about 12 years if I leave early or 22 if my investments don’t pay off.

I pay into an ok private pension. I have paid into regular 10 year saving plans with the first to mature in three years with about £3k every year thereafter.

My question is this and please forgive for sounding outdated and left behind. I want to invest in bitcoin for the long term. I have no desire to make payments with it as I prefer the old way of cash. I believe that it will hold me in good stead in 12-22 years.

I am not switched on enough with terminology and the like with bitcoin. I can do stocks and shares that is easy. I don’t trade I invest. I put my money into solid company’s and forget about it for a few years unless I hear something detrimental.

I just want to invest in a single bitcoin and forget about it… whether it goes up or down today tomorrow next month or next year makes no difference to me really just that hopefully when I do need it it’ll have matured nicely.

Can I just leave it and forget it in say Coinbase?

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