I hate all crypto trackers on the market. So I made my own!

So after trying Blockfolio, Delta, CoinGecko, and a few more I could not find what I was looking for from a mobile crypto tracker. They’re all too complicated and have really overwhelming and unnecessarily complex and jammed user interfaces. Then I realized… I am a developer, why don’t I make EXACTLY what I want. So I did.

Introducing Portfolio View – The simplest yet STILL POWERFUL crypto tracker and portfolio manager.

It has ALL the features that you could ever need from a crypto tracker: your portfolio balance in any currency, a view of the price and price changes change of all the cryptocurrencies, price graphs for all the coins, our Portfolio profit and loss for various time frames, a transaction adding system and alert system and the list goes on but the key difference is that Portfolio View somehow manages to stay SIMPLE AS F***. Not just simple, but also looks absolutely amazing (in my opinion).

Not only that but it’s also stupidly fast. Like seriously as soon as you click the app icon, everything is loaded. As soon as you click a coin, the price chart is up!

It’s only available on iOS (for now) sorry Android users. Here’s the link to the website and the app download, go check it out!!!!

Website: https://www.portfolioview.ca/

App Store download: https://apps.apple.com/app/portfolio-view-crypto-tracker/id1540033839






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