I got an idea here.

I have all the APIs for CS:GO and for everything related to betting. From here, you really want to see the betting history – but in a more open format, where you can see the participants and make sure that everything is paid to everyone, and so on.

Actually the idea: Google sign with bids for CS:GO through the crypt.

Where will you see who put where? At first, this is just a hand-written story, that is, you can see in the comments to the cell who put it.

Where is the openness of transfers? So the same crypt, just to see what account is launching the headstock. It’s simple – the story with the fact that the fuck is more likely to go away than it comes.

How will it work in the end? There is a somewhat tricky betting story – what if the losing side pays the winning side? In other words, the BC itself does not participate in payments in any way, but only controls them.

Let’s give an example. Playing Navi vs Astralis

Vasya, Petya and Sasha, bet on Navi – total amount of 1BTC Seryozha, Gena, Pasha bet on Astralis – total amount of 3BTC

Let’s assume that each of them poured an equal amount of money. Let’s say the Navi team wins, in this case 3BTC is distributed between Vasya, Petya and Sasha, depending on how much each of them invested in 1BTC.

And then what will such a service earn? On the Commission from turnover, the total contribution to the rate is 4BTC – 0.003% to take for yourself. This is an option. In another case, you can not take anything at all and just let people have fun.

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