I already have $100,000 in bitcoin and also money in shares. The total I will need to pay back in 5 years is $128,000 (including fees and interest). I need Bitcoin to hit $32,000 per coin within the next 5 years to break even.

Why am I doing this?

  1. Bitcoin is a superior store of value than anything else on earth and as such I believe it is massively undervalued. If it hits gold’s market cap it will be $500,000 per coin. I believe it will exceed gold’s market cap.

  2. It is one of the best performing assets of the last 10 years. It has a Sharpe ratio of over 1 which I’ve never seen (it’s risk/reward is amazing).

  3. There is a wave of institutional money that’s coming. We all see it every week, another big investor or company announces they are in bitcoin. This is a unique position to front run the smart money. I’ve never seen an opportunity like this.

  4. Macro economic conditions (zero interest rates and vast money printing) are causing people to seek places to store their money so it doesn’t lose its purchasing power. This is leading them to bitcoin.

  5. The year post halving has always seen bitcoin’s highest increases in price. That happens next year. Plan B’s stock to flow model is looking more correct by the day.

This post is going to draw a lot of criticism. And rightly so, most people should NOT take out a loan to buy bitcoin. I am in a unique position where I’m single, live frugally, in a good paying job with no other debt. I can comfortably pay back the monthly repayments.

The risk/reward of what is potentially going to play out next year is too good to miss. I’m taking my shot.

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