So yeah, I am seriously considering talking a very serious $100k risk, so naturally, I figured I would consult a bunch of random strangers on the internet for advice……

I am considering taking 100k out of my 401k and sticking it in btc.

I know…..

Here are my details: My wife and have about 400 total in our 401’s. I am 57, and for the most part retired (I have “flipped” properties the last couple of years, but at this point I am pretty much income neutral).

My wife’s situation is a bit odd: she was let go from Deloitte due to the covid situation, but she is still planning on working about 15 more years as she has a solid marketable career skillset as a financial risk expert (and is 7 yrs younger that me). She was making 230k last year as a senior manager, and should be able to get a position making at least 200k when she returns to the job market (which theoretically should add another 100k or so to our retirement fund)

So, the 100k would essentially be about 15ish% of our “liquid” cash (we have about 300+k in property equity, plus 25k in btc and maybe 20k in other investments).

We would of course be paying a 10% penalty, plus the 30% income tax on the 100k 401k withdrawal, so right off the bat that 100k has already dropped in value to 60k….

What do you think – is it worth the risk?

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