I was looking at a Calculator someone made here , and i saw if i DCA $50 a week since 2010 i would have $139,037,775.13 Now. LoL.

So here is my story.. 7 years ago i had a friend named Leef. we used to play spades at Yahoo games. He was into bitcoin. He kept telling me instead playing spades or talking with old people in games lobby go mine some bitcoin. I ignored him and didn’t want to learn.

a year or 2 ( not sure ) he came back and said he freaked out when he saw btc reached $700 so he sold all his. and he told me how i should have bought ( mined )

He vanished after that, never heard from him again. And then years later in late 2016 at $3600 i got into bitcoin.

Makes me wish i got in while it was under 100. so bad huh? smh

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