Everybody please stop spamming f5 on coinmarketcap, stop glorifying BTC, stop dooming BTCs’ store of value proposition and for the love of god stop comparing BTC to the equity market.

EVERYTHING is selling off right now and rightly so. People are gathering cash to pay for living expenses and i advice everybody to do the same, the entire western world is about to go into a quarantine. Businesses will close down, people will lose jobs and most importantly your fellow human beings will be sick and hospitalized. This is the time to be practical and to take care of your family and loved ones, respect covid as a disease and it’s economic consequences.

Get some cash on hand. Fiat is now as valuable as ever, enormous sums of money are vanishing and we will enter a period of hardcore deflation.

If you flip the chart, the USD gained 50% in the last week vs BTC, the USD gained 12% on the US equity markets today and i do not see this stopping in the near to mid term.

I hate paper money as much as the next guy but right now be realistic and smart. Your DCA money is better used elsewhere in the coming months.

With all that being said, i firmly believe that BTC is the endgame here. After a period of deflation comes hardcore inflation, social unrest, rioting (hopefully non violent), possible bank bail ins and bail outs, main street paying the bill and getting fucked as always. – In this environment BTC and precious metals will thrive and act as the most viable solution. People will finally open their eyes to what this community have known all along, the central banks and its monetary policies is socialism for the rich enslaving the remaining 99,99% of the worlds population. When this will happen nobody knows, but i think this whole crisis will result in a brighter future for our kids and grandchildren. Stay safe, be smart and be patient !

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