International merchant accounts are an ideal way to accept payments from around the world. European merchant accounts and offshore merchant accounts enable online traders to accept payments from anywhere. See how an international merchant account benefits your ecommerce business. 

What are the Benefits of International Merchant Accounts?

With digital technology reducing barriers to trade and making ecommerce borderless, opportunities are endless. But this means making and accepting payments from anywhere is increasingly important for ecommerce companies.

International merchant accounts provide a low-cost and efficient solution for online traders to process payments. Smooth transaction with customers is also good for business, and shows your business is reliable and organized.

Being able to take payments in multiple currencies also opens doors to more revenues. International, European and offshore merchant accounts facilitate payments in all the major currencies. For companies with high turnover, high volume payment processing enables a large volume of transactions.

Give Your Customers the Choice

International Merchant Accounts
International Merchant Accounts

As well as multiple currencies, it is also good practice for ecommerce companies to offer choices of how to pay. International merchant accounts facilitate payments from all major credit and debit cards. In-country payment options can also be added to enhance sales and reputation.

It is not only choices of payment methods that are important to modern ecommerce businesses. International merchant accounts enable payments from all devices and mobile apps. They can also process payments from virtual terminals (MOTO), API for websites, and from batch uploads.

Protect Your Customers – and Your Reputation

Robust cyber security and fraud protection are vital for credible ecommerce companies. Automatically accepting legitimate orders and reviewing fraudulent ones is vital. International merchant accounts automatically park any questionable orders for manual review.

Customers’ card details and sensitive data are also protected by Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateways. These integrate with ecommerce companies’ shopping carts, mobile apps and order processing / CRM systems.

Global Ecommerce Trading

Domestic merchant accounts are perfect solutions for trading within the US. But processing international transactions with a domestic account can be problematic. Decline rates on international customers’ cards can be high, and processing fees can be high. On top of this, fluctuating currency conversion rates can make profit margins difficult to predict. International merchant accounts enable payments to be accepted in over 150 currencies.

International accounts reduce decline rates on international cards, and reduce processing fees. They also work across major currencies, making transactions and payments more predictable.

Global Presence – But Local Service

Saving processing fees and making transactions more efficient is possible with international merchant accounts. These accounts work with a network of local banks in countries and regions around the world.

Creating a network of international merchant accounts in primary regions of business is the most effective method. Although many countries have specific payment approaches, international merchant accounts cross-border payments.

Banks in the US, Europe, Asia and so on work in the same payment processing platform. Ecommerce companies can manage and view payments from around the world in a single dashboard.

Grow Your Business with an International Merchant Account

Being able to trade seamlessly with customers in different countries, currencies and languages is vital for ecommerce companies. With so many choices available to consumers, offering flexible payment choices is essential.

The more ways you can minimize distractions for your customers the better. Keep them focused on buying, not on currency calculations or other restrictions. You work hard and spend a lot to get customers to your website, so it is vital to maximize this opportunity.

Displaying prices for your products in local currencies builds trust and confidence in your customers. It also makes their life simpler not having to convert currencies to work out the price. These small things encourage spending, and generate more revenue for your business.

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