I want to do the following:

  • Run a Bitcoin + Lightning node;
  • Run both over Tor;
  • Connect Zap iOS to my Lightning node over Tor;
  • Use my Trezor / Coldcard with my Bitcoin node.

It this possible with the Casa Node or the Raspiblitz?

Additional noob question: is running this setup not over Tor safe (as I don’t believe what I want is currently possible)? Otherwise I would be exposing my IP right? It would be great if someone could go into more detail on this topic.

It seems running a node together with Zap is still quite complicated- many possible issues. That, and the fact that it seems using a hardware wallet together with your own node through Casa / Raspiblitz isn’t currently possible. What’s the point?

The Casa team seems to have done a great job making running a node easier. However, they restrict you to using the Sats app for Lightning payments (can’t use Zap). This requires signup and locks you into their ecosystem- not great. Additionally, you can’t use a hardware wallet with that setup. Again, what’s the point if you can’t actually use your node the way you want to?

It seems the above is possible, but not without a ton of manual configuration and tinkering in both your node setup and router configuration. This really puts me off running a node to be honest.

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