On Saturday, the notorious John McAfee revealed a new project he’s launching that aims to tokenize all 535 members of U.S. Congress in order to sell them on the open market. McAfee said that the U.S. representative tokens will be listed on his exchange McAfeedex so people can find out what their “representative is really worth.”

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Buying Politicians

The former antivirus tycoon John McAfee is at it again with a new project that is directed at the U.S. political system. According to McAfee, his team is tokenizing all 535 members of Congress in order to sell them on an exchange. On January 4, McAfee tweeted: “The tokens will be listed on McAfeedex.com on March 1st, with every token set initially at one penny — Then let the trading begin — Find out what your representative is really worth on the open market.” McAfee also shared a Twitter account called @Buycongressman for people to follow the new political token project. Both McAfee and the new Twitter account, created this year, explained that the team building the tokens have received flak from the government.

John McAfee Plans to Tokenize All 535 Members of US Congress

The @Buycongressman said that “No one in Congress would cooperate with us [and] lawsuits were threatened if we proceeded.” The account added that the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) had “threatened criminal charges if we also included POTUS (President of the United States) candidates – Insisting it’s ‘Manipulating Elections.’” Despite the threats, the Twitter account stressed that in May it would be adding POTUS candidates. McAfee’s new project underlined that the team is “applying blockchain to the political process” by tokenizing political leaders. Another @Buycongressman tweet stated:

We’ll show, mathematically and scientifically, how power grows, accumulates and flows throughout politics. We’ll link news, decisions, and actions to perceptions in the minds of American voters.

John McAfee Plans to Tokenize All 535 Members of US CongressJohn McAfee.

McAfee also told his fans that the executive team who designed the project celebrated the completed work in Catalonia the day prior and tweeted that there will be 183 million of each token or “One for every U.S. voter.” “You don’t want to risk a penny that’s your business,” McAfee explained. One person asked McAfee if it was possible to short the tokens and McAfee replied “yes.” “Nice — I would like to short Nancy Pelosi with 100x leverage,” the individual responded adding to the fray of political jokes that ensued.

Telling the Truth: Politicians Are Already Bought

The idea to tokenize all 535 members of U.S. Congress seemed to please the crypto community on Twitter. The majority of individuals are sick and tired of the bureaucrats that are bought and paid for with corporate dollars through political action committees (PACs). Most bureaucrats are so blatantly bought that people have suggested they wear sponsorship logos on their suits similar to Nascar race drivers. Even before Donald Trump was the U.S. President, he was accused of buying politicians when he was a Wall Street mogul. “[T]his is what’s wrong. [Donald Trump] buys and sells politicians of all stripes … he’s used to buying politicians,” Senator Rand Paul explained in the 2015 GOP debate.

McAfee’s project seems to be a statement toward this blatant manipulation and the tokenization of Congress Members is humorous as well. The former antivirus tycoon is also running for POTUS in 2020, but calls out the U.S. oligarchy on a regular basis. McAfee has always pointed to the manipulation and unlimited political bribery within the U.S. government. In June 2018, McAfee stressed that he probably wouldn’t win the 2020 election, but he was doing it for ulterior motives.

“Don’t think that I have a chance of winning — I do not,” McAfee said at the time. “But what truly changes America is not the president, but the process of creating one. If my following is sufficient I get to stand the world’s largest stage and talk to everyone, as I did last time, to tell the truth.”

What do you think about McAfee’s new project that aims to tokenize all 535 members of the U.S. Congress? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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