JuicyFields Crowdgrowing Platform Allows Investors to Profit from the Cannabis Ecosystem

JuicyFields.io is an innovative platform that connects cannabis buyers, sellers, growers, activists, and enthusiasts across the globe on its legit Crowdgrowing platform.

Berlin-based cannabis firm, JuicyFields.io has launched its licensed cannabis growing platform to offer users a fully automated global service. JuicyFields allows users to invest with bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and fiat payments.

JuicyFields’ primary objective is to establish an interconnected ecosystem of cannabis enthusiasts, supporters, businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and others.

The JuicyFields platform makes it possible for anyone from across the globe to invest in its platform even though cannabis is not legal in their country. 

In addition to being a cannabis crowdfunding platform, it is also an online global collective. The platform makes it possible for other cannabis startups around the globe to raise funds for further development, allowing JuicyField participants to earn a profit after the sale of the plant.

JuicyFields.io CEO and Founder, Alan Glanse said:

“Crowdfunding in Europe has already reached a significant level of growth, adoption and maturity. We decided to take that further. Crowdfunding is not just raising money for project development, it allows you to take part in the highly profitable but strictly regulated cannabis industry. We will be interesting to both investors and those entrepreneurs seeking funding who have great opportunities.”

The somewhat draconian regulatory bottlenecks surrounding cannabis has made it almost impossible for millions of people to participate in the cannabis ecosystem. 

However, JuicyFields is poised to eliminate that challenge and allow everyone to make money from cannabis. 

How it Works

With a minimum investment of just EUR 50, an investor will be able to earn a profit on their investment after three months. The profit is sent straight to the wallets of investors. To get started, click on this link and choose their preferred contract under “Grower’s Account.”

Interested investors can also participate in the JuicyFields Bounty Campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and others, to earn huge rewards for creating awareness about this program.

The bounty will last for two months and participants will be rewarded with JuicyMist plants grams (EUR per gram) which will then be grown by JuicyFields. Owners of these grams will be able to sell these grams after three months and withdraw their funds.

Website: https://juicyfields.io 

Greenpaper: https://juicyfields.io/files/whitepaper.pdf 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jsflds/

Telegram: https://t.me/juicyfieldsio 

Email: info@juicyfields.io