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Obtaining a kratom merchant account to process payments is not the easiest for kratom business types.   It should be easier to obtain a merchant account to process kratom, however because of the legality of the products it makes it a unique high risk business type.  High Risk Solutions does have affordable Solutions for businesses that want to obtain a Kratom merchant account.  

How Can My Business Obtain A Kratom Merchant Account?

As long as your business is in a state that is legal to sell kratom then High Risk Solutions should be able to approve you to process payments. Cash flow is the biggest concern amongst Kratom businesses that sell online.  Apply Now, And one of our friendly Representatives will contact you as soon as possible to go more in detail about how we can get your processing.

Information Required To Obtain A Domestic Kratom Merchant Account For USA Sales

USA Business Bank Account
Valid Photo ID
Proof of Business Address (ex.. Utility Bill)
Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number

What Shopping Cart Platforms Are You Compatible With?

Our high risk kratom merchant account services are supported by most major platforms and shopping cart services.

Kratom Payment Processing Rates

Kratom Merchant Account Discount Rate: 3.99%
Kratom Transaction Fee: $0.30
Kratom Business Type Monthly Fee: $29.95
Kratom Business Type Set Up Fee: $99.95

Does High Risk Solutions Have Options For Offshore Processing For International Businesses?

Yes, however the rates vary on a case by case basis.  Be aware though that offshore rates are higher though then domestic rates.

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Why Is Kratom A High Risk Business?

  Higher then the allowed chargeback rates in the industry is also a reason that Kratom became high risk.  Remember to avoid a chargeback from your customers then you need to have a very open and easy return policy.  If you experience to many chargebacks then you risk having your merchant account closed down and universally blocked from obtaining another account with other payment processors.

If your customer is dissatisfied, then refunded your customer is the best practice you can inherit to make sure your kratom merchant account does not get compromised.  It’s just the cost of doing business in this kratom related merchant account industry.  You will lose money on these types of sales, however as long as your business can justify the expense then it’s worth the cost.

There are also concerns in the USA congress about how Kratom is sold because of numerous issues surrounding it.   A larger concern payment processors have is that kratom contains a couple natural chemicals that make it possibly a controlled substance and that people consuming it could be possibly overdose. Most Payment Processors also fear that because of legal issues it doesnt want to have to anwser to any authority figures. 

Interestingly enough is that the majority of people that consume Kratom have nothing but positive things to say about it.   Some people that suffer from arthritis, anxiety, depression and certain types of pain swear that it’s the only natural substance that actually helps them greatly with their symptoms.

The kratom industry possibly more clinical trials on how it can safetly bring this medicinal product to market and control similiar to how they are trying to control the medical marijuana industry.  However these kinds of barriers will most likely will make kratom more expensive to produce and sell in the open market.   We are hoping that the kratom industry prospers because there are many people that are getting relief from using this product.  We want to do our part and help businessess and consumers, by giving our merchants that specialize in this biz type the oppurtunity of obtaining a kratom merchant account

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