LG is reportedly releasing a new phone in May 2020. The new phone will be called ‘LG Velvet.’

Four months into 2020, and it is already clear that this year isn’t the smartphone year. Smartphone sales haven’t experienced this slow down in growth since its market debut.

The attention of people has been shifted from ‘what I want’ to ‘what I need’ in this pandemic. As a natural occurrence, the sales of the newer, bigger, and faster phones launched this year have taken a toll.

It would seem like this trend isn’t fazing the hopes of LG to re-enter the smartphone competition with a refreshed branding. This is despite LG’s long history of tanking in the smartphone market with their own launches.

LG Velvet will focus on its form factor

LG has claimed in its own newsroom that phones nowadays are becoming more and more alike. The distinctions between the devices are minute and unnoticeable.

As such, they have taken on the ‘challenge’ to embark on a road map that will set themselves apart from the pack.

They will do this by emphasizing ‘distinctive designs’ and ‘tactile elegance’ starting with the ‘raindrop camera setup’ In this unique design, the camera layout shall start with the main shooter lens as the biggest. The circles housing the supporting lenses and the LED flash shall gradually become smaller, evoking a raindrop effect.

The LG Velvet shall also have a curved-edge front and back glass that will give the entire form factor more finesse.

LG will no longer use alphanumeric phone names

As said, the announcement of the LG Velvet marks the new step that the company is taking in its smartphone journey.

The company will be moving away from the alphanumeric naming of their smartphones. The company claims that the new naming of the phones shall be easier for consumers to relate to.

Starting with the Velvet, LG says that people will be able to get a better sense of what they will receive in the new package. ‘The name “velvet” is intended to evoke images of lustrous smoothness and premium softness, two key characteristics of the new phone.’

Other than the new phone’s form factor, the company didn’t share any other specifications on the new device.

It is reported that the company might launch the phone sometime this May 2020. It is also rumored the phone shall be LG’s mid-tier phone, basing it on the Snapdragon 765 chipset.

Moreover, the phone shall be 5G capable, making it similar to other mid-tier phones of Nokia and Oppo.

Image courtesy of LG

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