In light of current events we need to put our time and our money into getting the lighting network ready to scale IMMEDIATELY. We may not have years to roll it out as we envisioned, when fiat currencies collapse the lighting network MUST be ready to step up and replace the current system.
From my perspective the network is not ready to handle billions of users, we need a simple app that anyone with a smartphone can download and instantly become their own bank. When fiat currency hyperinflates…and the SWIFT system fails, small business owners need to be able to become their own bank overnight with an app and a simple how-to guide.

This needs to be our priority, I originally thought we would have much more time to implement this, however we need to put down everything else move full steam ahead towards this objective. The USA has printed 3 trillion dollars from thin air due to the coronavirus, they may print 5 trillion more tomorrow, at some point their dollars will be worthless.

The lightning network needs to be ready when called upon, and I feel like that day will be here sooner rather than later.

Thank you.

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